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Hydrogen at Cluj-Napoca, SME 2017


Energy and they problems are constantly concern for scientific and technical community. Solutions at global, regional and national, require a multilateral approach thorough deciding factors that must develop an appropriate strategies for economic and social development, taking into account both the current situation and perspectives of ensuring primary energy resources. The world is in a transition phase from an economy dominated by classical sources to one that integrates the renewables also, which requires a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach from generation, transmission, distribution and to final user of energy. One of the new elements of concatenated energy infrastructure will be, among others, the hydrogen, both as integral and important part.
Some of these issues will be discussed at the conference “MODERN SCIENCE AND ENERGY” SME 2017 Edition 36th, 17-19 May 2017, Cluj-Napoca.
Starting on May 18 there will be one section about RENEWABLE ENERGY AND HYDROGEN. Must be mentholated that hydrogen energy was constant task at this conference over the past editions and the presence of Romanian Association for Hydrogen Energy among the co-organizers prove that. Oher co-organizers: AIIR – Association of Building Services Engineers from Romania, Transylvania Branch; National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies ICSI Rm. Valcea and Faculty of Building Services of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.
The Scientific Committee consist from representatives of leading universities in the country and important research and development institutes and collaborators from abroad.
During the conference the participants will present them topics in plenary or section conferences. The papers from conference will be edited in a special volume coordinated by AIIR – Transylvania branch.
As usual, the organizers reserve the right not to disclose all information on the programme of the event because they want to surprise the participants.