August 14, 2020

Hydrogen in an International Context: Vulnerabilities of Hydrogen Energy in Emerging Markets; River Publisher, 2017


The book describes strategies and developments for hydrogen civilization efforts realized by various stakeholders such as authorities, institutes, research, industry, and individuals, in different countries (Germany, South Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, and South Africa) and at different stages of the development cycle. Through their contributions, the chapter authors in this book propose a new approach to actual and relevant topics of interest, generically called the hydrogen economy and civilization.

Hydrogen vulnerabilities is a topic that includes new challenges that face the hydrogen energy market. Weaknesses for the hydrogen stakeholder are becoming more refined, and it is necessary to be an active and sensitive player to understand these. A prosperous development of hydrogen will require the assimilation of numerous, diverse and unfamiliar contexts. Challenges for hydrogen will not only be in scientific, technical, economical or public acceptance, but challenges also lie in the genesis of this topic and the neglect of some aspects, however marginal, which negatively influence the desired hydrogen developed.

This book informs the reader about the status of hydrogen energy in the international community, and it includes a series of examples and case studies about hydrogen activities in various countries. Thus, due to the synergy of this library of contexts, the reader should be able to reach a level of intuition enabling them to see the strengths and weaknesses of hydrogen.