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About Us

The Intelligent Energy Association (Asociația Energia Inteligentă – AEI) brings together professionals in the gas, hydrogen, electricity and energy efficiency sectors.

Its members advocate for a fair gas price and increased transparency in the energy market of Romania. AEI is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to contribute to a better information of household and non-household gas and electricity consumers, so that they are better equipped to negotiate sale-purchase contracts and to be able to properly understand the bills they pay.

AEI is and will remain a dialogue partner for all market participants, whether they are suppliers, producers, operators, designers, constructors, institutions, regulators, ministries, politicians, employees within the system or media representatives.

Dumitru Chisăliță – President

Flavius Dordea – Vice-President, Natural Gas

Andrei Ceclan – President of SAMER – Society of Energy Auditors and Managers of Romania, an association without legal personality within the Intelligent Energy Association.