October 5, 2022

When wolves silent, I can hear sleazes

lupIgnorance, fear, complacency and convenience are the elements that destroy slowly but surely the energy sector. Are they natural gas, coal, heat, etc., all these sectors are partially functional, dominated by instability and chaos, political interventionism sectors where they are (or other ways) “on behalf of the consumer ‘, but it affects even the consumer.

This is due to driver behavior in institutions, who have assumed the role of omniscient, the guardians of … compared with subordinates and “Ling” in relation to the political or interest groups. This behavior is primarily due to the quality of people “perched” on these posts, secondly how it was formed and developed market (services and products), based on the “100% Romanian”

  • liberalize the market, but we control it;
  • We make everything transparent, but only WE know;
  • comment, we bury yourself asphyxiation checks and fines,

and not least the fact that the energy sector is lacking Civil Society .

A democratic society can not function without civil society, which is intended to act as an innovative mechanism and regulator. Civil society which alone can truly and impartially, to monitor the activity of state institutions to maintain a constant pressure on policymakers to find the right solutions, but also to join institutions subjecting debate real solutions on problems.

Civil society can continually improve the quality of life and long term by influencing political decisions, economic or public interest.

In 2004 from the position of President of the Society of Engineers in Natural Gas Sibiu section of the General Association of Engineers in Romania, I went to the Commission for Industry and Services Chamber of Deputies to support a point of view of engineering sector gas to a legislative debate. Committee Chairman Mr. Dan Ioan Popescu hearing that wishes to participate in the debate and an association was expressed bluntly: “What opinions to support the civil society? Civil society does not exist. “

12 years from the moment of sincerity, of one of the “heavyweights” of the energy sector, things are exactly the same: Civil Society does not exist in the energy sector, nor in terms of construction nor the opposition, which can not determine politicians and “their extensions” to change.

Experience Spring 2016 where individuals, institutions and companies have conspired and managed to reduce the channels for expressing my views, sponsoring, or even threatening paying me decide to be more categorical in my approach.

I decided therefore to help to strengthen civil society by establishing the Intelligent Energy Association ( enabling the shift from how critical disastrous (in terms of behavior today) the people – “gossip on the corners” “weeping fist” etc. – Constructive criticism through: management of information campaigns in the mass, launching projects of the country, creating a platform for exposure of ideas, principles and desires fair and achieving an opposition authentic practices today in order to find solutions optimal for real and continuous progress and improving the quality of life in the short term and long term. Intelligent Energy Association aims to protect consumers of energy, but also other market participants through sustainable and realistic action and combat populist measures.

Formation of Civil Society in the energy sector can only transfer of knowledge to a critical mass of people to act permanent, concrete and informed choices for their interest now, especially the future.

I appreciate that  in Romania will be as guilty of the energy system and the situation  those passively assisting the evolution of things, for reasons of fear, complacency, convenience etc.