October 5, 2022

Start all over again on the Natural Gas and Electrical Energy Market

fara-titlauNational Project was launched in February 2016, with purpose to create a real natural gas market in Romania, eliminating pseudo-market which favors scam, cheating, manipulation or even “legal theft”.

The motivation of starting of this project was determined by improper attitude of the institutions responsible for the natural gas market, lack of communication between these institutions and civil society, lack of reaction on the “people’s voice”, lack of transparency in decisional process, manipulation of the natural gas market, violation of principles of the European Directives, hidden crossover subsidies, laws issued or delayed in order to favor some market players, reduction of the safety level in natural gas supply, etc.

Association will recommend and support specialists and will promote solutions and principles for reforming the professionalism principles and independency of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Association for Consumer Affairs and CC, taking into consideration the without them the natural gas and electrical energy market will not operate correctly.


  • Analyzes, Surveys and Proposals for modification of the attitude, behavior, principles, laws, rules etc., in order to assure functionality of the natural gas market;
  • Round-table talks in order to start the constructive dialogs regarding the natural gas market;
  • Bring a civil action in the criminal proceedings and court actions taking against the State institutions, companies or natural persons, which affect to the laws or principles which affect the quality of life in the short medium and long-term;