October 5, 2022

Public campaign “Intelligent Efficiency Increasing of the City Halls”

web001-678x381The consumption of the energy for heating the buildings became the most important energetic consumption in Romania. Romania has 9.481.604 buildings, 86% of them are residential buildings, about 61% houses are single-family homes, 47,5% of houses are in the rural areas. Currently about 88,5% of houses are permanently populated. It demonstrates the importance of the City Halls’ and County Councils’ role to support and guide the owners of the buildings on the all phases of design, construction, modernization and daily use of the buildings.


  • Dissemination of the basic elements of energetic management by means of on-line and media resources.
  • Meetings with the representatives of City Halls for the discussions about the importance of their role to guide the energy consumers.

Free courses – How to reduce the consumption of energy? How to produce renewable energy?