October 5, 2022

Public campaign “Best Practices for Energy”

8This campaign was based on the fact of dis-consideration of the fundamental element of the natural gas market – people (employees of the Regulatory Authority for Energy(ANRE), operators, suppliers, consumers, designers, constructor) and on the lack of understanding of the existential purpose of the natural gas market – to purchase and sell of the natural gas.

Employees should increase their capacities in order to have desired results, to change the status of the performer with the respectful attitude, encouragement of the innovative and prolific way of thinking, to discuss about US, not about HIM or HER, to make the collective aspiration free and to learn people continuously, not to perform being blind.


  • Analyzes and surveys regarding the activities on the natural gas market;
  • Round-table talks in order to have a dialog regarding the role of State, shareholders, managers, employees on the natural gas market in Romania;
  • Proposal of the Best Practices of Energy;