October 5, 2022

Employees are People

people-06We often knead brain to discover the causes of our problems, when what we should do would be to take a look at their own solutions found to the problems of the past.

Launching the project “Starting Point end gas market” was received with joy, but treated with suspicion inability to change things. This condition is natural and not at all discouraging for me, making me understand even more the need for this project and mobilizing me out even more in the street.

Today’s problems come from yesterday ‘s “solutions”.

Drawing from the lessons of the project Right Price On Gas, where I gave up means convenient to write only material release from a comfortable desk, I believe it is time to no longer pay so much attention to institutions and to focus our attention on those which no longer we know there are people working in this sector.

Management system that now dominate the natural gas and destroyed people.

I believe that this system is the result of systemic errors that we find ourselves in years. Romania functioned before 1989 on the basis of Theses and Guidelines party. Since 1990 the property has changed, but not the arrangement of things. They were camouflaged approaches, but remained practices.

Privatization, liberalization, corporate governance principles, DNA etc. determined that practice yesterday to be “problems today.” They are asked for years, but seen only when a state institution like the Court of Auditors or DNA, formalize them.

I remember in the years 2000 – 2004, after breaking ROMGAZ’s, there was a state policy, openly, that “in the name of building gas market and private environment” certain private companies used capital goods and personnel companies results the ROMGAZ’s breaking, but the profit making private companies, all under the gaze of state control institutions.

Knead us today to discover the causes of our problems, we should look at the solutions to some problems in the past:

  • breaking ROMGAZ’s (2000) – the destruction of a functional system, it is true statist, but it was done before the construction of the new market economy system.
  • public institutions (2000) – copy-paste by the West, but political populated and used as a “Commando” behind political enemies or unwanted competition,
  • strategic privatizations (2004) – led business efficiency and labor productivity growth in these companies, but without the cost savings to be reflected in the state budget (through dividends, income tax, etc.) or the functioning of the market or reducing price
  • privatization of minority stakes (2008 – 2012) – which had to bring shareholders eager to move things poorly made by companies owned by the state development strategy, but proved interested in obtaining immediate profits,
  • private management (2012) – which was to bring political efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, etc., but it brought insolvencies and bankruptcies multiple energy.

In fact the chaos of today’s gas market has its origins in decisions taken in the last 15 years.

Statist transformation in the capitalist system, in natural gas, remains at 25 years away from understanding the current managers, seeking (in the few moments when I do), only short-term improvements.

What is wrong and wrong is continuing to disregard the fundamental unity of the sector – people (employees ANRE operators, suppliers, consumers, designers, builders) and lack of understanding of the existential purpose-gas – gas sale and purchase. People in the sector need each other to produce results, they need the ability to learn together how to achieve the main objective of the market – transaction.

The relationship between state institutions and market participants, the relationship between shareholders and company leaders in the energy sector etc., is also the relationship between teacher and student (boss and subordinate, guard and prisoner, master and slave). The teacher has the answer, the student strives to find the answer. Students know when they have found the right answer, just because it says. Students know what to do, just to thank him and the professor to pass the class. Operators, suppliers, consumers, designers, builders etc. just trying to please their Heads / Guardians / Masters, missed the chance to improve the system that should really just to serve customers.