rip-1-500x381In last Saturday’s pre-Saint Dumitru, in Northern of Roumanian Contry, lights candles on the graves of those who have gone out of us.

In addition to remembering loved ones, are given food and a drink in addition to those who were present at the commemoration, saying a prayer and pouring a glass addition to the head of him that was

I persuaded my parents to put candles on the graves of those and that relatives could not be reached, or no longer have anyone alive who remembered his and hers. In the evening the ilumination night of  this year, I’ve remembered and fellow generation (fellow group of the Institute of Oil and Gas), which today are no longer among us, but they are our Angels.

They shall ensure from the sky of our activity in the oil and gas industry.

I also remembered and all the colleagues and especially for employees who have left the Earth as a result of unfortunate accidents at work.

Since his first such incident, the sacrifice of these employees, has made the oil industry to amend its procedures and work instructions, creating at this time a very safe activity (with a very low accident rate).

But even if safety is high, however we read or learn more about accidents at work resulting in lost employees during performance of the work.

The last accident, which happened at a refinery on the Black Sea (with 2 employees who have died), demonstrating once again the need for tightening up the legislation of safety at work until the total elimination of these incidents

But what are the causes that produce these incidents.

The assessment identified as causes:

a. optimization of the establishment (by reducing the number of employees), b. seniority technological installations and upgrading their without ensuring maximum security of me working environment,

c. employees ‘ stress induced changes of organizational structure, making working safety standard procedures on security installations, just formally,

d. employing poorly trained employees but mostly required by some drivers (both policies and organisation).

Also in most of the cases analysed, we observed negative influence of heads on the team (by reducing the maximum time of intervention), but especially considering that well known head both the process and the consequences of the occurrence of problems in business (automulțumire and autosatisfacție).

Hat’s why this evening to bring back into our memory, guardian angels of the petroleum industry and in particular to continue to improve working safely, so our worker  return to home.

I think it would be useful for the unions in the oil industry to sponsor development of a monument dedicated to those who have left us due to accidents at work, turn on the commemorative plaque names of those who died in service.


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Timur Chis, is a Asociate Professor of the Faculty of Aplied Science and Engineering to the Ovidius University Constanta. He is specialized in identifying petroleum pipeline unit problems and specifying solution to solve these problems. Timur is 52 years and a graduate of the Oil and Gas Field Drilling and Production Faculty

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